WHAT SCHOOL???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What?School will starts in 1 day weh!And i was like wah aku tak ready ah but i'm super kinda excited for this monday plus a bit worry about my next 2015 a-new-class.So everything semua erm not uncomplete because first lencana and name tag tak jahit ((i'm not really good in doing this kind of things ok)) second is buku tulis tak cukup ((flips hair everybody))

My 1 free weeks given by our Prime Minister are i'm doing a good things!!!Hehehe.Evening routine ((not like routine but kdg2)) playing swimming pool at Kondominium Mutiara my Aunty's house ^0^ I feels so super fab you know mandi pakai google **i didnt know how to spell it sorry* and plus pki tudung instant hahahahaha.So here some picture to make you enjoy my post!

So heres the picture.Untuk pengetahuan korang zula layan drama pinocchio hehehe truly best ok!If tengok drama tu banyak bagi pengajaran.So cuti ni spend dengan pc tgk pinocchio hahaha.But 1 day ONLY and i will start my school with a new azam.Insyallah!